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AgMIP Acronyms:

ACE - AgMIP Crop Experiment (database or data format). ACE refers to both a data format and the data archived in this format. The ACE data format uses key-value pairs in nested JSON structures. The key corresponds to a variable defined in the ICASA-MVL. ACE also refers to the data and database for AgMIP site-based data from farm surveys, yield trials, variety trials and detailed field experiments. Depending on the quality of the data, they can be used for model calibration, improvement and regional integrated assessments.

ACMO - AgMIP Crop Model Output (database). This database contains a harmonized format for simulated outputs from crop models. These data are used directly by the regional economic models. Data are linked to ACE and DOME data.

AgMIP - Agricultural Model Intercomparison and Improvement Project. The “P” will soon migrate from Project to Program.

AMC - Agricultural Modeling Community

CGIAR - Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research

CMIP - Coupled Model Intercomparison Project

CLS - Crop-Livestock Systems

DOME - Data Overlay for Multi-model Export. DOMEs allow modelers to make provide assumptions uniformly to multiple models. Combined ACE and DOME data are supplied to data translators to produce the model-specific input data formats required by each crop model. Field overlay DOMEs are used to fill in data which are required by crop models, but not supplied in the ACE data. Seasonal strategy DOMEs allow multi-year simulations for baseline or future climate conditions, using planting date rules and other imposed management regimens. Rotational strategy DOMEs allow simulation of hypothetical long-term crop rotation scenarios.

ESM - Earth System Model

IAM - Integrated Assessment Model

IAMC - Integrated Assessment Modeling Consortium

ICASA - International Consortium for Agricultural Systems Applications. The ICASA data definitions have been adopted for use by AgMIP in development of ACE and ACMO databases.

JSON - JavaScript Object Notation

MDG - Millennium Development Goals

QuadUI – This is a desktop application to read various raw data formats, translate to harmonized ACE format, and translate to various model-specific input data formats. 

RAP - Representative Agricultural Pathway, agricultural scenario linked to SSPs and RCPs

RCP - Representative Concentration Pathway, greenhouse gas concentration trajectory adopted by the IPCC for its fifth Assessment Report

RIA - AgMIP Regional Integrated Assessment

RRT - AgMIP Regional Research Team

SDG - Sustainable Development Goals

SRES - Special Report on Emissions Scenarios

SSP - Shared Socio-economic Pathway

Regional Economic Simulation Models:

TOA-MD = Tradeoff Analysis Model for Multi-dimensional Impact Assessment

Cropping systems simulation models:

APSIM - Agricultural Production Systems Simulator.




DSSAT - Decision Support System for Agrotechnology Transfer  (

DSSAT-CSM – DSSAT Cropping Systems Model 

EPIC - Environmental Policy Integrated Climate



RZWQM2 - Root Zone Water Quality Model 2

SALUS - System Approach to Land Use Sustainability


STICS - Simulateur mulTIdiscplinaire pour les Cultures Standard.

WOFOST - WOrld FOod STudies 

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