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AgMIP software products are developed as open source projects, with both the products and source code freely available. Most of the AgMIP software products are designed as components that can linked into multiple applications. For example, the data translation tools for the various crop models are separate components that have been linked in a desktop application (QuadUI), a web application (ACE-UI) and a gridded modeling framework (pSIMS). As much as possible, the components are designed to be operable on multiple operating systems and hardware configurations.

This site will organize and link the various locations for AgMIP IT efforts including:

  • The AgMIP Toolshed site provides a single location for downloading AgMIP software products for use by AgMIP researchers.
  • The AgMIP GitHub site contains repositories for all AgMIP open source projects.
  • Development Protocols - Protocols for AgMIP software development to ensure interoperability of products. This is important for work on data translation tools or other software library components that will be used in multiple applications. Note: These development protocols refer to projects that will be integrated into AgMIP data system, either through web-based or desktop applications. A developer may also contribute to stand-alone software applications that do not conform to these protocols. Examples are the set of Climate Tools developed using R programming language and the ADA (AgMIP Data Assistant) application.
  • Translator Development - Describes process of creating a new data translation component for a crop model.
  • The Projects  section of this documentation list individual software components that are being developed for AgMIP purposes. Many of the components are used in multiple applications. Dependencies are listed for each project, with links to the GitHub page for each so that a developer can understand the structure of each component.
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