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The International Consortium for Agricultural Systems Applications (ICASA) has established a naming convention for agricultural model variables.  AgMIP has adopted these standards for use in the harmonized AgMIP Crop Experiment (ACE) database. The full ICASA Master Variable List can be viewed here, including tables of lookup codes. 

Because the entire ICASA Master Variables List is comprehensive and contains many more variables than we will need in these initial phases of AgMIP, we have truncated the list reproduced herein. These are not necessarily a list of minimum required data, as each model will have different definitions of minimum data. Rather these are considered the basic data that may be readily available and are sufficient to drive most crop model simulations.

These data have been sorted into the following categories which reflect the structure of the JSON data object.

Metadata & Field data

Initial Conditions

Management variables

Soil variables

Weather variables

Observed data

Lookup Codes

Full ICASA Master Variables List

The following information is provided in each Variable list:

AgMIP CategoryRough categorization based on AgMIP ratings. These are not strict determinations of the quality of data, but may be used as a guideline for level of detail available to characterize an experiment adequately for simulation with a crop model. Silver data are considered to be generally widely available and of importance for most crop modeling. Gold data are of higher quality than silver data, may be less widely available, and will generally result in more accurate crop model simulations.
ICASA Variable_NameName of variable in ICASA Master Variable list
ICASA Code_DisplayShort variable name. This is the data name that is used for AgMIP data translation tools. Typically the name in java applications is changed to all lower case.
DescriptionVariable definition
Lookup code?Indicates that the variable is assigned a value based on a pre-determined set of uniform codes. These codes are then listed separately.  Some codes are closed, i.e., the variable value must be selected from a list of acceptable codes. Otheres are open, i.e., new codes may be added to the list as needed. 
Searchable?Indicates that this variable is exposed to the experimental data search engine.
AliasIn some cases, multiple code_display values are available, typically if a change has occurred in the ICASA master variable list.
CommentsAdditional information

Lookup Codes

Values for some variables are restricted to a list of acceptable values.  These are presented in the following table of Lookup Codes. In some cases, the lists are closed and values must be selected from the listed codes. Many of the lookup codes allow for future expansion of the codes.

Lookup codes for AgMIP metadata and field data

Lookup codes for management variables

Lookup codes for crop species

Lookup Codes for Soil and Weather variables

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