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The variables in the table below have been defined as the standard ACMO variables. Data translation tools will be developed for each participating AgMIP crop model which take standard crop model output data and generate a csv (comma delimited) file containing these data.

Most of these data consist of metadata, which describe the management and climate scenarios, and the base data upon which the scenarios are applied.  These metadata will be supplied to each crop model as data are translated from ACE harmonized format into model-ready format by the data translation tools. These metadata will be supplied in the form of a comma-delimited ACMO_meta.dat file.  

A sample csv file is provided here

RED TEXT indicates that these are not ICASA variables and are not included in the ACE database. These values are supplied by user inputs to the DOME data.

BLUE TEXT indicates that these are output from the crop model. All other variables are generated from the ACE and DOME data in the ACMO_meta.dat file which is created as data are translated to the crop model input formats.  

Total precipitation from planting to harvest

SUITE_IDID for suite of sites or experiments 
EXNAMEName of experiment, field test or survey From ACE database
FIELD_OVERLAYID for DOME data - field overlay(s) DOME hash
SEASONAL_STRATEGYID for DOME data - management regimen(s) DOME hash


ID for DOME data - rotational strategy(ies)

DOME hash (not yet implemented)

BATCH_DOMEID for batch (DOME) data  
Batch_RUN#Batch dome run number  
RUN#Simulation run number  
TRT_NAMETreatment name for multiple treatment groups of experiments From ACE database
CLIM_IDClimate ID indicating time period, emissions scenario, GCM, downscaling method and type of scenario4-char lookup code, using climate protocol codesSelected by user and recorded with DOME data
CLIM_CATClimate scenario category 

Value definition:

0: Historical weather
1: Relatively cool, dry climate scenarios
2: Relatively hot, dry climate scenarios
3: Relatively cool, wet climate scenarios
4: Relatively hot, wet climate scenarios
5: Middle climate scenarios

CLIM_REPWeather replication number used for multiple realizations of generated weather datanumber 
CMSSCrop model simulation setlookup code

CM0: Historical, i.e., surveyed conditions
CM1: Current climate, current production system
CM2: Future climate, current production system
CM3: Current climate with adaptation to current production system
CM4: Current climate, future production system modeled with RAP
CM5: Future climate, future production system modeled with RAP
CM6: Future climate, with adaptation to future production system (RAP)

REG_IDRegion IDlookup codeAssigned to DOME input
STRATUMID for sub-regional stratanumberAssigned to DOME input
RAP_IDRepresentative Agricultual Pathway identifierlookup codeAssigned to DOME input
MAN_IDManagement ID, for multiple management regimens withing a RAP / Region / Time periodlookup codeAssigned to DOME input
INSTITUTIONNames of institutions involved in collection of field or survey data from ACE database, or could be assigned in DOME
ROTATIONCrop rotation indicator (=1 for continuous, multi-year simulation, =0 for single year simulations with multiple initializations)number 
WST_IDWeather station identifier to link to site information  
SOIL_IDSoil ID (alphanumeric code)lookup code 
FL_LATSite Latitudedecimal degrees 
FL_LONGSite Longitudedecimal degrees 
CRID_textCrop type (common name)   
CUL_IDCrop model-specific cultivar IDlookup code 
CUL_NAMECrop variety name  
SDATSimulation start datedate (yyyy-mm-dd) 
PDATEPlanting datedate (yyyy-mm-dd) 
HWAHObserved harvested yield, dry weightkg/ha 
CWAHObserved total above-ground biomass at harvestkg/ha 
HDATEObserved harvest datedate (yyyy-mm-dd) 
IR#Cnumber of irrigation events# 
IR_TOTTotal amount of irrigationmm 
IROP_textType of irrigation application  
FE_#Total number of fertilizer applications# 
FEN_TOTTotal N appliedkg[N]/ha 
FEP_TOTTotal P appliedkg[P]/ha 
FEK_TOTTotal K appliedkg[K]/ha 
OM_TOTManure and applied oganic matterkg/ha 
TI_#Total number of tillage applications# 
TIIMP_textTillage type  
EIDExperiment ID Auto-generated hash from ACE database. This ID provides a unique code that is generated from the data itself. If data are changed, the hash tag also changes, thus providing an indication of data integrity.
WIDWeather station hash Unique hash assigned when weather data are loaded into ACE database
SIDSoil data hash Unique hash assigned when soil data are loaded into ACE database
DOIDDOME hash for field overlay Unique hash assigned when field overlay DOME files are loaded into ACE database
DSIDDOME hash for seasonal strategy Unique hash assigned when seasonal strategy DOME files are loaded into ACE database
DRIDDOME hash for rotational analysis Unique hash assigned when rotational analysis DOME files are loaded into ACE database


DOME ID for Batch DOME Unique hash assigned when Batch DOME files are loaded into ACE database
TOOL_VERSIONThe version of translation tools used for creating this ACMO file. Format: <tool_1>=<version_1>|<tool_2>=<version_2>|...
CROP_MODELShort name of crop model used for simulations (e.g., DSSAT, APSIM, Aquacrop, STICS, etc.) Assigned by user interface routine at translation, e.g., DSSAT, APSIM, EPIC, ...
MODEL_VERModel name and version number of the crop model used to generate simulated outputs Assigned by each crop model ACMO translator, e.g., DSSAT-RICER045 v4.5.1.23
HWAH_SSimulated harvest yield, dry matterkg/haSimulated model output
CWAH_SSimulated above-ground biomass at harvest, dry matterkg/haSimulated model output
ADAT_SSimulated anthesis dateyyyy-mm-ddSimulated model output
MDAT_SSimulated maturity dateyyyy-mm-ddSimulated model output
HADAT_SSimulated harvest dateyyyy-mm-ddSimulated model output
LAIX_SSimulated leaf area index, maximumm2/m2Simulated model output
PRCP_STotal precipitation from planting to harvestmmSimulated model output
ETCP_SSimulated evapotranspiration, planting to harvestmmSimulated model output
NUCM_SSimulated N uptake during seasonkg/haSimulated model output
NLCM_SSimulated N leached up to harvest maturitykg/haSimulated model output
EPCP_STranspiration, cumulative from planting to harvestmmSimulated model output
ESCP_SEvaporation,soil, cumulative from planting to harvestmmSimulated model output
SRAA_SSolar radiation, average, sowing to harvestMJ/m2.dSimulated model output
TMAXA_SMaximum daily air temperature, average, sowing to harvestCSimulated model output
TMINA_SMinimum daily air temperature, average, sowing to harvestCSimulated model output
TAVGA_SDaily air temperature, average, sowing to harvestCSimulated model output
CO2D_SCO2 concentration, atmospheric average over dayvpmSimulated model output
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