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Welcome to the AgMIP Research site. This site contains information of interest to AgMIP researchers including wikis, discussion forums and document sharing. This is a new site set up for the research teams to contain technical documentation regarding AgMIP research methods. Many of the areas do not have content yet as the site is new to the AgMIP community. We will be including more content in the coming months.

We encourage researchers with AgMIP to begin to use this site by (1) joining the teams that you are involved with, (2) adding content to the wikis, (3) use the discussion forums instead of email communication for topics that are of interest to the entire group, (4) share relevant information on the download pages. Contact to set permissions and to assign leadership for each group.

Information related to use of the research site can be found here.

For a working example of the site please visit the IT Team Wiki. This team has been very active in using the wiki to disseminate information to the AgMIP IT development community.

For more on the Agricultural Model Intercomparison and Improvement Project, visit

Software releases listserv

Sign up for the AgMIP Software-releases listserv to get notifications when updates and new releases are issued for AgMIP tools.

Contribute to AgMIP Open Source Development

If you would like to contribute to the development of AgMIP software projects, but don't know where to start, visit the AgMIP Software Development page. All of our software products are being developed as open source projects.We have developed some protocols for integrated software products so that our libraries of tools can be implemented in multiple platforms and applications. There is also a need for stand-alone tools for data analysis and preparation, for which development protocols are not as important. Check out our wish list of software products here.

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