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Are you interested in collaboration or helping with software development? Please create a user account on this site and comment below with your area of interest. Our software development team will enable access to writing to this space to help facilitate collaboration.


AgMIP software development is a collaborative effort between many contributing groups around the world. The AgMIP IT team has established software development protocols that enable these developers to work in a coordinated way to develop robust and flexible libraries of tools which can be used in multiple applications to improve AgMIP research. All of the AgMIP software products are open source, meaning that the source code is freely available and can be used and modified by anyone for their purposes. There are a few caveats. See the open source license here.

These pages are intended for use by anyone just beginning to work on AgMIP software projects (see the section on Getting Started) and by experienced AgMIP collaborators that just need a reference. We welcome your input! Please let us know if you have suggestions for new software products, better documentation, or if you want to attend the next Development Sprint. You can reach us at