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Here are a list of projects that we need help with:

  1. Translation tool to convert AgMIP ACE data to a human readable report.
  2. Crop model-specific data translation tools. This requires knowledge of a specific crop model for which the translation tool is being developed. Current translation tools are being developed for the following models. Typically, development of a data translator requires that a software developer work with a crop model developer or user. See wiki article here on our Develoment Sprints. 
    1. APSIM - export functions complete, import functions under development
    2. Aquacrop - nearly complete
    3. CropGrow-NAU - import and export functions complete (see article here on how the CropGrow-NAU developers generated these tools independently)
    4. CropSyst - under development
    5. DSSAT - import and export functions complete
    6. EPIC - under development
    7. Infocrop - under development
    8. ORYZA2000 - under development
    9. RZWQM2 - under development
    10. Salus - can use DSSAT files
    11. SarraH - under development
    12. STICS - under development
    13. WOFOST - under development
  3. Translation tools for interactive input of ACE and DOME data
  4. Translation tool testing platform
  5. Additional DOME functions as requested by the crop modeling teams.
  6. Analysis and visualization of AgMIP data for use by the entire AgMIP community of researchers and stakeholders.
    1. Crop model output visualization and comparison (probability density graphs, etc.)
    2. Statistical comparisons for baseline vs future, model 1 vs model 2, etc.
    3. GIS mapping of outputs
Contact us at if you want to work on any open source AgMIP projects, or if you want to share your own software tools with AgMIP researchers. Also let us know if you have ideas for software products that we should be developing for use by AgMIP researchers.
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