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Development of tools for the AgMIP community will require the collaborative efforts of many individuals and teams.  This wiki provides documentation for the AgMIP collaborative development environment.  All of the AgMIP products will be open source and made freely available for download, use, and modification.  Current efforts are hosted on the Github - AgMIP site.  We welcome contributions from anyone who is interested in the AgMIP research goals, or anyone who just likes to produce quality software products for the greater good!

  • The collaborative development environment used by AgMIP is discussed in AgMIP Software Development
  • The format of the Riak database and the JSON objects used to pass data between the API and applications are described in JSON & Riak for AgMIP
  • AgMIP Development Sprints describes the workshops where crop modelers and applications developers work together to rapidly develop the data translation tools specific for the crop model inputs.
  • ICASA Master Variable List has been adopted by AgMIP to harmonize crop model variable definitions, units and names.
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